How to write VKontakte posts correctly? Rules and examples

When reading VKontakte posts, the reader wants to absorb useful information in the shortest possible period of time. It is a fact. To interest the user in sales or informational text, you need to be quick and act clearly. And also, arm yourself with a number of tools - select visual elements, think over the structure and title, and select unique information.

Today we will talk about how to correctly write selling, entertaining and informational notes for Vk so that the information is quickly and successfully absorbed by the reader. This is a whole science that is definitely worth studying!

How to “dress up” VK text?

In order not to bore the VKontakte user with long text, you need to format the post correctly. Here are 3 features that make the text really better:

Bulleted lists give your eyes a rest. The canvas of text will not interest anyone. It is better to give basic information in lists, because there is a high probability that this will be read first.

Subheadings will help you understand the content. Having skimmed over the subheadings, many readers decide whether to read the text. In addition, subheadings also allow the text to look more elegant. This rule applies not only to websites, but also to VKontakte.

Pictures, tables, infographics will allow the text not to get lost. Visualization is a powerful weapon in the fight for reader attention on social networks.

An example of a correct selling post:

In the post, all important information is collected in the text of a bulleted list.

How to write a message on VKontakte via computer

  1. If you have friends on VK, then we find among our friends (by clicking the “friends” tab on the left in the panel) to whom we want to send a message. A list of your friends appears, next to their photo there is the inscription “write a message”.

    By the way, you can write this to yourself if you find yourself on the list.

    How to write a message on VK

  2. We select a person to talk to, write a message, and press the send button.

    You can also send a voice message.

    We are writing a new message in VK

  3. If a person has not yet been added as a friend or has not yet accepted the invitation, then a message can be sent by going to the user’s page. Under the main photo there is a “write a message” button. If there is no such button, it means the user has prohibited writing to non-friends.

    How to write a message on VK to any user

You can only change a sent message within 24 hours after sending.

You can forward another user's message.

If you know the user ID, you can immediately get into a dialogue with him by following the short link For example, if the user ID is 513696187, then the link will be

Strengthen texts with visualization

Imagine - you are scrolling through the news on VK while drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, and you are not at all in the mood to delve into a long text. Which posts will you pay attention to first? Most likely for those texts that are decorated with a picture, infographic, video or gif.

A good example:

Not only photos are suitable for visualization, but also comics, tables, drawings

The fact that videos and gifs in VK start playing automatically is your weapon. By using these elements often in your posts, you will quickly draw attention to them in the news feed and increase the number of views. Next, it’s a matter of quality testing.

Don't overdo it with the number of pictures. The more there are in one post, the more the reader’s attention is scattered. Our task is to attract readers to the text. This can be done better with 1 large picture, infographic or video.

Exception! In some cases, it is better to attach several pictures to the post. For example, if you are selling a collection of products and need to show different models, or you are attaching a visual portfolio to a selling post. If there are too many pictures, it is better to attach 1-3 pieces and provide a link to the album or website.

And again, an example of a good VKontakte post:

The pictures on the side “fall out” of attention. It’s better to choose one image for your post, especially if it has text.

Social networks “VKontakte” and Facebook. History of creation. Reference

The resource is visited daily by 4,000,000 people or more.

About 80% of visitors live in Russia. 41% of visitors are from Moscow, 26% from St. Petersburg.

18% of visitors are under 19 years old, 28% are from 19 to 25 years old, 11% are from 25 to 35 years old.

The site’s creators are brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov. Pavel Durov is known in the St. Petersburg segment of the Runet as the creator of the largest student forum and other student projects. One of his projects,, has become a repository of answers to exams in the humanities; the site is very popular during the exam period. Another popular project is the St. Petersburg State University website (, which currently remains the largest university community. Nikolai Durov, Pavel's brother, is known as a specialist in mathematics and programming. At school he became the absolute champion of the All-Russian Olympiads in mathematics and computer science.

Site history

On October 1, 2006, the limited liability company VKontakte registered the domain name This date is considered to be the founding date of the site.

Initially, VKontakte was accessible only by invitation; At the end of November 2006, at the request of existing users, registration on the site was opened.

In January 2007, according to traffic meter, was among the 50 fastest growing Internet sites.

On July 13, 2007, the millionth participant registered on the site.

On September 27, 2007, the site became one of the three most visited sites in Russia, ending up in third place, second only to the web pages of the search engines and Yandex.

On November 27, 2007, the site took second place in the popular vote for the Runet Prize, losing to the entertainment website

On January 10, 2008, according to, the site became the leader in Russia, but remains second in Runet, second only to

In February 2008, the site interface was translated into Ukrainian, and on March 28, 2008, the site’s audience exceeded 10 million participants.

On July 24, 2008, the 15 millionth participant was registered.

Despite the fact that the service is officially called a “closed social network,” anyone who registers an account can use it to search for personal data of people of interest. It is also noted that among network users there are many so-called virtuals and clones (in other words, not all profiles correspond to a real person): fake accounts of celebrities, pets, fictional characters, profiles of real people created without their knowledge for various purposes.

From the very beginning of the site’s existence, the creators of denied the commercial component of the project, arguing that the appearance of advertising on the site could negatively affect user loyalty and the quality of the resource as a whole. Initially, the site existed with the money of its creators, gradually attracting private investment.

In June 2008, information appeared in the media about the social network's intentions to place advertising on the site. On July 15, 2008, the website entered into a contract with Media Plus, a sales house of the European Media Group and a recognized leader in radio advertising sales.

Site owners

According to the Vedomosti newspaper, the site belongs to VKontakte LLC, which was registered on January 19, 2007. According to the unified state register of legal entities, its founders were: Lev Leviev - 10%, Pavel Durov - 20%, Vyacheslav Mirilashvili - 60%, Misha Mirilashvili - 10%.

According to SPARK-Interfax, as of February 1, 2008, 100% of VKontakte belonged to the Doraview Limited offshore company, registered in the British Virgin Islands.

According to VKontakte public relations coordinator Mikhail Ravdonikas, the main investor of the site is the Digital Sky Technology fund. It is controlled by the executive director of NCH Advisors, Grigory Finger, and the former top manager of the Menatep group, Yuri Milner.

Pavel Durov in one of his comments denied the information from the Vedomosti newspaper.

Facebook history

Facebook is a popular social networking website. The site was founded on February 4, 2004. Facebook began as a communication site for students at Harvard University.

The founder of the service is Mark Zuckerberg, who installed the portal in the university dormitory. Thanks to his website, Mark Zuckerberg became the youngest paper billionaire at 23 years old. In March 2008, Forbes magazine included Zuckerberg in its list of the world's richest people.

The main difference between Facebook and existing social networks was precisely the possibility of contact: Zuckerberg offered people a simple and convenient way to exchange information about each other.

Until September 2005, the site was used only by students. In June 2006, Facebook was opened to professional communities, and in September the site opened up free registration.

In May 2007, the site opened to third-party developers and has since attracted 400 thousand programmers. Facebook now allows web designers to create software for affiliate sites, mobile phones, or in the form of web services paired with desktop applications like Microsoft Outlook.

Facebook's enormous popularity was fueled by a wave of more than 24,000 programs from independent programmers working within the site. However, the rapid growth has led to frequent violations of the privacy of network members by developers. One of the scandals was related to an option called News Feed - the ability to view all the updates of your neighbors and friends on a social network in one feed. Many users felt that such an option violated their right to privacy, despite the fact that they quite voluntarily agreed to put it on public display. The global community “Students Against Facebook” was created: in two days more than 700 thousand people joined it. As a result, the company's programmers spent three days at their workplaces to ensure maximum security for the scandalous option.

The audience of is growing rapidly. 140 new users appear daily. In 2008, the number of visitors reached 90 million, making it the world's largest social network.

Investors are actively investing in Facebook. Facebook signed a deal with Greylock Partners and Meritech Capital for $25 million. The funds received were used for expansion: the company now employs more than 200 employees, has a large office in Silicon Valley and a powerful data center. The site also makes money from sponsorship programs. Thus, Apple was one of the first to add options for iPod owners to the site. Then JPMorgan Chase and Southwest and many others began to enter into similar agreements. The main income for the site was provided by an alliance with Microsoft: until 2011, the giant will place text and banner advertising on Facebook.

In 2006, Zuckerberg almost agreed to sell the company to Yahoo for $1 billion, but suddenly Yahoo's financial performance faltered, and Mark managed to convince Facebook's board of directors that the company could handle growth on its own.

Since the beginning of 2008, Facebook has been translated from English into 20 other languages. On June 20, 2008, the Russian version of the site went live.

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Increase brand awareness

If you post selling texts in a group or public page, develop picture templates for regular columns. Firstly, it will reduce the time you will spend on creating each post. Secondly, the problem “Which picture to choose?” won't bother you anymore.

Choose a corporate style - font, color palette, add branded elements - dies, geometric patterns. A harmonious picture/infographic always looks nice. And in the long term, it also increases brand awareness. Your texts can be unmistakably distinguished from the entire news feed, and the audience will already know that the post is from you.

Branding example - Arzamas posts on VK are complemented by pictures designed according to the same template

How to write a message on VKontakte via a mobile browser

  1. We go to the list of friends, next to each user, a little to the right there is an icon with an image of a cloud, you need to click on it. You can also write to yourself.

    How to write a message in VK from a phone or tablet

  2. After clicking, you are transferred to a dialogue with the user. Here, in the “Your message” field, enter the text and send by clicking on the triangular arrow icon next to the entered text.

    How to send a message to VK from your phone

  3. You can also send a message through the user's home page. We go to the user of interest, next to the photo there is a “personal message” button. By clicking on this button, you are redirected to a dialog box with the user.

    How to write a message in VK from a user’s page

Contents of a good post

Depending on what kind of text you are preparing for VKontakte - selling or informing, the features of creating a post differ:

In the selling text, you need to give the maximum advantages of the product. Moreover, I advise you to immediately “season” each advantage with the benefit that a potential buyer will receive from each specific advantage of a product or service.

As is the case with texts on the site, the selling VKontakte post must clearly show the path from “I want to buy” to “already placed an order”, so contacts of managers, links to making a purchase and other anchors for a quick order should be visible.

Let's look at an example of how to indicate a benefit to an advantage:

If you are selling mp3s with as much as 8 GB of memory, immediately indicate: “You can download 10 thousand of your favorite tracks and not worry about running out of space.”

Are you advertising sneakers with an air layer on the sole? Immediately point out that the buyer will forget about ankle pain after a long run at the stadium.

For informational text, you take a topic and present the reader with a text that summarizes the most useful information on it. The more useful advice and specifics the reader receives, the more likely it is that he will subscribe to the group or return to the author’s tests.

To present the entire array of advice conveniently, headings with “TOP-N tips” are most often used.

Public or group?

There is a very common opinion that a group and a public page on VK are synonymous. However, we hasten to dispel this myth and explain the true meaning of these words. A public page is a public page that is created for the purpose of disseminating information. In it, as a rule, participants can offer news. A group, in turn, is an association of people with similar interests, in which there is no function of offering news by direct participants. In addition to these two types, there are also events (meetings) - this is a kind of invitation to some event. These three concepts can be called in one word “communities”.

TOP 4 post title mistakes

It is known that posts that collect the TOP of the best services, tips, techniques, secrets, etc. attract more attention. But users who are fed up with such wording filter information in such headings, assessing its clarity and expertise.

Let me explain with an example:

Seeing the title “TOP 10 tips for those who want to go to work abroad,” most readers will decide that the text will only contain general advice.

But the texts “TOP 5 applications that will help you quickly learn Polish for work” or “TOP 10 mistakes that are made when preparing documents to work abroad” show that you are already familiar with the topic and are ready to share truly valuable information with the reader and niche information.

What exactly should NOT be a title?

Long. Contain the main idea in 6-10 words.

Vague. Only specific information that makes it clear what awaits the reader in the article.

Boring. It is necessary to ensure that the text does not get lost in the news feed, and this is one of the main tasks facing the headline.

Too abstract. Show your expertise. Address narrow topics in the title and offer solutions, and you will increase interest in the text.

How to finish the text correctly?

No matter how trivial it may sound, the phrases: “Add to your wall so you don’t forget” or “Share with your friends so that they too are aware...” really work. You should not forget about this if you are writing a long information post. If you really liked your text and found it useful, you should gently remind them of the opportunity to save it.

You can write about this not at the end, but at the beginning. This is effective because many people save informational articles to read later.

It is important to motivate readers to communicate, ask their opinion, offer to like, repost and, of course, leave comments (this is an important point because attention to the reader’s personal opinion increases trust in the author).

Use the tips for your business and attract more readers and clients. Happy posting!

Other interesting

Why Contact is so good

In general, everything that is on VKontakte is also available on Odnoklassniki. But only Contact is better in all respects.

People. The majority of users here are more advanced. This means that they are better versed in modern technologies and are more demanding of their quality. Thanks to this, there are fewer low-quality materials in VK and there are practically no system glitches.

The Odnoklassniki website, for example, periodically does not work correctly. The level of computer education among users is low, so they often lose access and produce pages of the same type.

Video and music. It’s not for nothing that Contact is called the most pirated social network on the Internet. Anyone can easily upload an audio or video file from their computer here. As a result, VK has collected millions of videos, programs, TV series, films and cartoons. Well, and, of course, a lot of music. You can not only listen or watch all this, but also, using additional gadgets, download it to your computer.

Odnoklassniki also has this option, but there are much fewer files and it is not so convenient to work with them.

Groups. Thematic communities differ not only in diversity, but also in the quality of information. Posting blurry pictures and low quality videos is considered bad manners. Texts should be relevant, interesting and well designed.

On Odnoklassniki, for example, people eat everything indiscriminately - jokes, tearful pictures, tabloid articles and outright fraudulent advertising. On VKontakte, as a rule, this does not work. Users have already seen a lot - it’s hard to surprise them. If a picture is published, it should be catchy not only in essence, but also visually. If the video is not only interesting, but also well made.

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