How to change the name of a group in VK - step-by-step instructions

Changing the name of a VKontakte group from a PC

Changing a group name is just as quick as changing your username. This can be done both in the full version of the site and in the application for smartphones.

Reference! Changing a group's name carries some risks for its reputation. It is recommended to do this only in the most extreme cases, when the loss of a certain number of participants is quite acceptable.

These instructions concern adjusting the group name from a PC:

  • Log in to the owner's account and go to the main page of the community.
  • Under the main image, find the “Management” category and click on it.

Change the name of the group in VK 1

  • In the “Basic Information” block, find the first line “Name”. Here you need to delete the old one and enter a new name.
  • Here you can change the description and page ID.
  • Click the “Save” button so that all changes are reflected on the community’s main page.

Change the name of the group in VK 2

Thus, changing the name of a group or public site does not require special preparation or experience. It is enough to do this once to subsequently perform the entire procedure automatically.

How to rename a group in the VKontakte mobile application

Now let's look at the process of changing a name via a smartphone. This instruction looks more complicated, since high-quality usability is not a characteristic feature of the mobile version of VK.

Changing the name in a group or public allows you to completely switch to another direction of work if the owner is disappointed in the chosen topic or it limits his opportunities for promotion and monetization. The action is also performed when only minor adjustments are required when changing regions or assortments. Of course, you always need to be prepared that a certain (and sometimes very significant) part of the audience will refuse to participate in the community, and the owner will have to recruit interested subscribers again.


How to quickly change your first or last name in VK

VKontakte administration is of the opinion that users should use their real first and last name in VK . In practice, this means that all attempts to change the specified data must be checked by the site administration, which may take several days. At the same time, it is prohibited to enter data in a transcription that does not correspond to the native language on the social network. That is, users from Russia cannot enter a nickname in English, Japanese and other languages.

But VKontakte has several bugs, using which users can circumvent the existing rules. In the article we will look at: how to change your last name in VK without checking by the administration, how to change your name in VK to English, how to change the name of a group in VK . We will indicate several possible ways. Please note that the VKontakte can update the system, after which the specified bugs will be fixed.

How to change a group name

Let's start with something simple. To change the name of a group, you must be its administrator. The procedure is as follows:

  1. On the main page of the Public, click "Community Management».

  2. Next, select the “ Information ” tab, where the first item will be “ Name ”.
  3. You can enter any text in this line (except for obscene words) and click Save at the bottom of the page.

The update occurs instantly, and immediately after saving the changes, the new community name is displayed.

How to change your first and last name in a “legal” way

Now let's look at how to change your name in VK without inventing anything extra. This requires:

  1. In the upper right corner, click on your profile icon and select “ Edit ”.
  2. On the page that appears, find your first and last name and change them to the desired ones. At the bottom of the page, click Save, after which a “ VKontakte ” application to change the data will be generated, which will be considered by the administration. If the data is updated for objective reasons (for example, a change from Angelina Jolie to Irina Tuz), then the replacement will be made. If it is the other way around, the replacement will be refused.

add a letter to your last name in VK and (or) decline it quickly, without confirmation by the administration. If Russian names are entered in Latin transcription, the administration will refuse to change them.

If you are not satisfied with this method, then below we will tell you how to change the name in VK to any one you like, quickly and without checking.

How to enter a first and last name in English transcription using an anonymizer

There is a special anonymizer site on the Internet that allows you to log into VKontakte and other social networks incognito. Let's look at how to use it to change your last name in VK. Necessary:

  1. Go to the anonymizer website.
  2. Select “ Open VK ”.
  3. A new page will appear where you will need to log in to VKontakte by entering your username and password.
  4. Next, to change your first and last name, you need to go to edit your personal information by clicking on the profile icon in the upper right corner and selecting “ Edit ”.
  5. You will find yourself on the page for editing your data. Now let's figure out how to change the first and last name VC into English. You need to select the language of the social network - English, native languages ​​- English, while Russian must be deleted, and any foreign city must be specified as the location.

  6. After this, you must enter your nickname in Latin transcription. In this case, both the first and last names must be similar to real ones. For example, Nick Volkov, Adam Smit and so on. The rubbish of an incoherent set of letters will not work.
  7. After this, you need to save changes to your personal information.

During the day, the changes will be reviewed by the administrator and approved by him.

Changing your first and last name by unlinking your mobile number

Now let's figure out how to change the first and last name of VK without checking with the administrator. One of the easiest ways is to detach your mobile phone number. To change your name you must:

  1. Register a new page on a social network. To confirm registration, you will need to enter your mobile phone number, to which you will receive an SMS with a code. As this number, you should enter the one to which the page is linked where you need to change the data. Please note, unlike the old version of VK , in the new one you can use a mobile number only a limited number of times. Moreover, it is not allowed to link or unlink one number within a month.
  2. Next, you need to log out of the created profile and click “ Registration ” on the social network login page.
  3. Enter your first and last name in the fields provided. VC. You can use any language and any symbols. Click Register.

    The system will again ask you to enter your mobile phone number, but this is not necessary.

  4. Now you can refresh your profile page and the changed data will already be there.

Changing your last name using an additional page

This method is only suitable for changing a surname; the given instructions will not work with a given name. Let's look at how to put a new last name. Let's do the following:

  1. Create a new page where the desired surname will be indicated. In this case, you need to choose a gender (male-female) that corresponds to the gender of the main profile.
  2. Immediately after creation, add one page to another as a friend.
  3. In the settings of the created profile, change the gender from male to female or from female to male.
  4. In Marital Status settings, select “ Dating ” with “ main page username ”.
  5. In the main profile, confirm the change in marital status and immediately, without saving the data, manually change the last name. Please note that it must be entered exactly as in the created profile. Next, click Save, and the data will be changed without being checked by the administration.

After this, it is recommended to restore the gender of the created page or delete it altogether so that the VKontakte does not block both accounts.


This article presented several options for changing your first or last name on VKontakte . Using all of the above methods, you can either return your old first and last name or assign new ones. We hope some of the options will be useful to you.

Video on the topic

Changing the group name

Each user has the open ability to change the name of the community, regardless of its type. Thus, the methodology discussed in this article applies to both public pages and groups.

A renamed community does not require the creator to remove any additional information from the group.

It is recommended to change the name only if absolutely necessary, for example, when you are going to completely change the direction of the public’s development, allowing for the loss of a certain number of participants.

It is most convenient to manage a group from the computer version, however, within the framework of the article we will also consider solving the issue using the VK application.

Method 1: full version of the site

For users using the full version of the site through an Internet browser, changing the public name is much easier than in the case of mobile platforms.

    Go to the “Groups” section through the main menu, switch to the “Management” tab and go to the main page of the edited community.

Find the “…” button located next to the signature “You are in a group” or “You are subscribed” and click on it.

Using the list provided, enter the “Community Management” section.

On the left side of the page, find the “Title” field and edit it according to your preferences.

At the bottom of the “Basic Information” settings block, click the “Save” button.

Go to the main page of the public through the navigation menu to ensure that the group name has been successfully changed.

How to change the name of a group in VK

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Promoting a VKontakte group is not so easy, so when changing the name, be careful - one wrong action and you risk losing the community.

The owners of some communities are interested in how to change the name of a group in VK. This step is necessary in cases where it is necessary to completely or partially change the direction of the community’s work, add or remove a region listed in the name of the service.

Attention! Changing the community name does not require the owner to make any other adjustments in the settings.

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