The enter button does not send messages. VKontakte messages are not sent

Viruses are a common problem for users

Many users download trial versions of antivirus programs from official websites and do not update the antivirus after their expiration date, thereby exposing their computer or mobile device to hacking by hackers and viruses. Very often, it is a Trojan that gets into a computer that causes failures of all programs, including social networks. “VKontakte” is no exception, and if suddenly a “Trojan horse” appears on the computer, then the captcha will pop up endlessly. You can avoid this by scanning your computer with a powerful utility or antivirus program that finds and quarantines such viruses. AVZ is considered an excellent utility - a fast, powerful and compact thing that will quickly clean your computer without damaging any important files.

If viruses are found by such programs, then it will be clear why messages are not sent to VKontakte. How to correct the error in such a situation was also discussed, but there are still reasons why the social network refuses to transmit the message.

SMS flash

SMS flash is the ability to send a message that is displayed in an unusual way on the mobile phone screen: as a creeping line or as text directly on the display. This message is not saved in the phone's memory and disappears from the screen as soon as you use any of the phone's functions. In order to send a flash SMS to an MTS subscriber, you need to form the message text as follows: *FLASH#message text. It is important that the * symbol is at the very beginning of the message, otherwise the SMS center will perceive it as the text part of the message and send it as a regular SMS.

Using ID and secret_key from the application we get access_token

is a string of a certain number of characters that will be sent with a POST request to perform some functions. Actually, it is tied to it on behalf of which user we will act and what we will be able to do.

To do this, create a page on the website with the following code:

Push the button
- actually, the ID of our application from point 1.


- a list of rights that we can do on behalf of our user. Concretely, this is exactly what is suitable for our task: the ability to access at any time (offline), and access to messages. If you need more, the full list is here. You can set either a bit mask or list the names.

Next, an important point

: We go to our page with the button, being logged into VK under the user on whose behalf we will work, and press the button. A query like this will appear:

In addition to the item access to general information

, all other items will correspond to the list of permissions that were passed to scope. Click next and see the following:

The acces_token is highlighted in red, for which the entire second paragraph was written.

Social network is part of our life

The problem lies on the surface. Such problems arise with virtual communication, or rather, with its sudden cessation, solely due to technical equipment and equipment. Thus, the most popular social network in Russia, VKontakte, is in demand every day by more than tens of millions of people, and one of the common difficulties here is the question of why messages are not sent to VKontakte. Indeed, very often you can observe such a failure on a mobile device, tablet or computer. But what is the reason for this technical problem? and restore normal operation on the social network?

Browser crash

Many users are well aware of all the features of the social network, but if the Internet connection is normal, and still files are not downloaded, then the question of why messages are not sent to VKontakte comes up again. Does it say "error" when sending a message? Does the “server unavailable” window pop up or require you to enter a captcha? If all this happens, then the problem lies in the browser. Experts recommend clearing your history or updating your browser version. Most often, such errors appear in (IE), Opera, Mozilla Firefox. You should also clear the cache: if the user has not done this for a long time, most likely the problem is there.

Situations are different. Even if a person uses a different browser, but also cleaned and updated it, the problem may remain. We will have to find out again why messages are not sent to VKontakte. What should I do if the browser is different, or an application is installed on the tablet, but an “error” still pops up?

Problems from the other party

If your phone does not send SMS to a specific subscriber, try to find out if there are any restrictions on receiving messages on his part. It is possible that your number is included in the recipient’s “Black List”. There is a possibility that the recipient subscriber has a faulty SIM card or the messaging service is disabled.

In most cases, problems with sending SMS occur due to an incorrectly entered SMS. Through the phone menu in the SMS parameters, find the “Service Center” tab, enter the correct SMS center number and save the changes.

The SMS center number for each operator is different: - Beeline +7 903 701 1111 - Megafon +7 928 990 0028 - MTS +7 916 899 9100 or +7 916 896 0220 - Tele2 +7 950 809 0000

Bottom line

If you cannot send a message, then it is worth checking the different versions described in our article. In most cases, it is possible to detect the cause and quickly eliminate it.

Still unable to identify the problem? This is most likely a server failure. Try repeating the steps after 10-30 minutes. If the error persists, contact support. Specialists will review your request and provide qualified assistance.

VKontakte is a very popular social network and a means of communication between people (see review). However, every person has had to face problems while sending messages. What is the reason for these failures, how can I resume normal operation of the site? There are many problems due to which VKontakte does not work correctly.

The network has disappeared

When understanding the question of why messages are not sent to VKontakte, the first thing you should pay attention to is your Internet connection. If logging into a social network happened normally, without any glitches, but then some images stopped loading in the news feed, the reason lies precisely in the Internet connection. If the data transfer speed is low or non-existent, then VKontakte will display an error or information about the absence of a connected network when sending any type of message. In this case, fixing the situation is very simple: just find the network and reconnect. social network - a necessary action to reload an application or website.

VKontakte messages are not sent

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International access

Delivery of SMS messages in the networks of other operators is possible only if you have roaming agreements with these operators!

You will not be able to receive a text message if the memory is full. Therefore, it is recommended to erase read messages.

Mi messages, or cloud messages, is a feature on Xiaomi smartphones that allows you to exchange text and multimedia information with Xiaomi phone users completely free of charge. Mi Message is an analogue of the iMessage function on Apple devices. When transferring data via Mi messages, you only pay for Internet traffic.

VKontakte on a tablet or phone is convenient

Most often, site visitors are users of mobile applications, especially during the daytime, when most students, schoolchildren and working users are away from their computers. These people may also have a problem, and we need to again understand the question of why messages are not sent to VKontakte. On a phone, unlike a computer, there may be slightly fewer reasons, but one of the most popular is considered to be an outdated version of the mobile application. Today, most users download a social network app to their phone or tablet rather than access the social network through a browser, because this way they can appear online much faster.

The reason is simple: the mobile application is outdated, or the cache is full and there is not enough memory on the phone. Now, having figured out the question of why VKontakte messages are not sent from a tablet, phone or computer, you can quickly fix this problem yourself, without resorting to the services of IT companies.

The problem with sending messages occurs quite often. The point is this: the user writes a message, let’s say, to his friend, then we click on the “Send” button and... And nothing happens. At all. The message is not sent, no matter how hard the user tries. Is there a way out of this situation?

In fact, it is impossible to accurately answer this question, because everything depends on the specific situation. Nevertheless, let's consider various ways out of this situation.

  • First of all, close the browser and launch it again. It is possible that this is a banal glitch of the browser itself. After starting the problem disappears. This method helps quite often.
  • The problem may be with your internet connection. Like this? Yes, very simple. You are sitting on your favorite VKontakte website and writing a message to a friend. The connection is interrupted, but you don’t see it. When I click on the "Submit" button, nothing happens. Try rebooting your connection or router.
  • There is a virus or Trojan on the computer that blocks the sending of messages. What should I do? That's right, you need to use an antivirus with the latest databases. In addition, it is also recommended to use special utilities to search for malware and files like Dr. Web Cure. This is a free program that you can download from the official website of Dr. Web.
  • Some users claim that clearing the hosts file helped them. The point is that it can contain the IP addresses of sites that can be used to redirect to scam sites. Not understood? Look, you enter the address in the browser line and it seems to load. In reality, you end up on a scam site, but you don’t even know it. What should I do? Open the hosts file as an administrator (it is located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) and delete all data below the line #::1 localhost. If you do not know how to clear the hosts file, then the same Dr.Web Cureit utility can put it in order - when scanning, it sees that the hosts has been changed and changes its contents after checking at your request, bringing the file to its original form.
  • Another option is to clear the cache and cookies in the browser. To do this, press the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE, after which a window will appear. In it, select “Cookies” and “Cache”, and then delete them. Remember that you will have to re-authorize in VK.
  • If nothing helps at all, try using a different browser - it is quite possible that this is a problem with a specific Internet browser.

If you have your own ways to solve this problem, you can tell us and users about them using comments.

Many users of the social network VKontakte, with varying regularity, have encountered a problem when, instead of successfully sending letters, various types of errors appear. This phenomenon may be associated with a fairly large list of factors, which we will discuss later in the article.

To immediately discard most of the inappropriate reservations, after a problem with sending occurs, you need to use a special service that records in real time any system failures of the VK site. We previously reviewed the mentioned resource in another article on a related topic.

Moving directly to solving the problem of sending letters through the internal messaging system, it is important to clarify that errors can occur not only due to any failures, but also due to certain privacy settings. Thus, you may, for example, encounter the error “The user has limited the number of persons”

, however, this notification only contains information that you have been blocked or the interlocutor has disabled the ability to send private messages.

If you are sure that you have no privacy problems, but messages are still not being sent, proceed to the proposed solutions.

Reason 1: Browser instability

One of the most common difficulties, as a result of which users experience various types of errors on many sites, including VK, is the unstable operation of the Internet browser used. This is especially true for those people who are accustomed to using less common surfing programs.

The first and most correct solution to almost any problem with a web browser is to completely uninstall it and then install it. You can do this without any problems, following the appropriate instructions depending on the type of software.

Read more: How to reinstall,

If the solution proposed above is unacceptable to you due to some circumstances, then you can avoid such radical methods and simply clear your web browser history. It is recommended to do this again according to the instructions.

In addition to all that has been said, it should be noted that often problems associated with social networks come from the embedded component. In particular, this concerns the lack of the latest updates or unstable software integration into the browser.

Reason 2: Unstable Internet connection

The second possible problem due to which you are unable to correspond on VKontakte may be a poor connection to the network. It is important to note that any Internet connection with a speed below 128 KB/s and with the existence of micro-gaps is unstable.

If you have reason to believe that the problem with sending messages is related to the Internet channel, then be sure to check your connection through a special service.

Internet speed can drop not only due to interruptions, but also due to the lack of power of the device used. However, please note that this does not apply to mobile devices.

One way or another, solving problems with the Internet is a personal matter for each user, since failures on the part of the provider or unfavorable tariffs can often be to blame.

Reason 3: Virus infection

If you still have reason to blame viruses for your problems, then first of all you should perform a full system scan using any convenient anti-virus program. You can also refer to the special article on our website to avoid some problems with antiviruses.

In addition to the above, although this is generally not a virus, you should carefully check your hosts

for unnecessary content. To avoid any problems during the verification process, we recommend that you read the relevant material.

Reason 4: Performance Issues

Since any actions on the VKontakte website require some resources, it is quite possible to believe that errors when sending letters may be associated with low performance of the operating system. The problem could come from both computer components, but this is unlikely, and from the presence of a large amount of garbage in Windows.

In cases where problems come from computer components, the only stable solution is to update them as soon as possible.

Problems with Mi messages

  • If activation fails, make sure you are logged in to your Mi account.
  • If cloud messages are sent as SMS, check with your interlocutor to make sure everything is working correctly.

All these methods work on all devices that support MIUI: Xiaomi Mi, Mi Max, Redmi, Redmi Note and so on.

The abbreviation SMS stands for Short Message Service

, which translates to
short message service.
This is the most popular technology today, which has an undeniable advantage: the ability to exchange information at any time and anywhere.

The service allows network subscribers to exchange text messages with each other containing up to 160 characters when using translit encoding and up to 70 characters when using Cyrillic encoding. If an SMS message exceeds the specified number of characters, it is split into several messages, each of which cannot exceed 157 or 67 characters, respectively, and each message is charged separately.

Other reasons

Many users ask a different, but similar question: “Why isn’t the VKontakte message sent to Enter?” Here we will talk about the full version of the site, and not about the mobile application. So, when it comes to the speed of correspondence, the functions of “hot” keys play an important role. Among them, “Enter” occupies a special place, because it can appear on a social network while typing a message in two functions:

  1. Paragraph.
  2. Sending a message.

Not everyone wants to write their own long speech structures and divide them according to all the rules of the language. For many, it is the speed of sending a message that is important, and in order to configure the operation of such a hot key as the send message button, you need to go to the profile settings in the VKontakte social network itself and change the position of the key function to the desired one. After this, you should try again to type the message and send it by pressing the Enter key.

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