How to hide interesting VKontakte pages and the list of groups

Privacy settings for hiding groups

In 2021, VK lacks many functions that allow you to open and close data. But with the help of simple steps you can still provide yourself with some personal space on the social network. To do this, click on your avatar at the top of the screen and select “Settings”.

In the drop-down list we need the line “Privacy”.

Here you can set the display of various data, from basic information to comments and stories. But in certain sections you will encounter restrictions. For example, you can completely hide from visitors only the groups you are a member of.

In contrast, in public pages you can subscribe to news and notifications. You can’t just remove them from the eyes of guests. There are certain difficulties with trying to hide friends on VK.

But we will use all available settings options. Find the item “Who sees the list of my groups”.


By selecting “Only me”, you will completely close the information. If you want to prevent strangers from seeing this section, click “Friends Only.”

Setting conditions for viewing groups

You can also hide data from a person by setting the “Everything except” option. Let's see what a VKontakte account looks like if access is allowed even to strangers. To do this, go down and click on the link “see how other users see your page.”

How others see my VK page

This is how my page is shown if access to groups is not limited.

Groups are visible to everyone

If I leave access to friends or just myself, the information about the groups will disappear.

This is the easiest stage. But there are still subscriptions left. And it’s more difficult to remove them from visitors’ sight.

How to remove personal information from VK

The question of how to remove personal data from VK is of interest to people who do not want to put their lives on display. This can be done both from a mobile phone and from a PC.

  1. By clicking on the avatar, we go to “Settings” and select “Privacy”. This tab displays maximum important and personal information about the user. It is enough to hide it from strangers if you trust your friends. You can also hide your interests (groups you visit), friends (depriving attackers of your contact list), photos, date of birth and age. Settings can be closed and opened, the information will not disappear anywhere.
  2. You can remove, rather than hide, information through the “Edit” section. In this section, you can manually remove everything you see fit.

Using these methods, you can delete information about yourself on VK without deleting your account.

The best way to hide public pages

The essence of the method is to unsubscribe from the public and bookmark it.

Perhaps, after reviewing your subscriptions, you decide that only some of them you want to hide from guests, and leave the rest in public access. I also advise you to use the revision and discard irrelevant materials. In this case, do not add them to your bookmarks, but simply unsubscribe.

To do this, go to "Pages of Interest" and open one of them.

Under the picture in the upper right corner we see a drop-down menu. We left-click on it and confirm our desire to “Unsubscribe”.

If you want to continue to follow interesting information and news, please go to the menu below. Select "Enable notifications" and "Save to bookmarks."

It’s even easier to leave the public and bookmark it in the list of groups.

Just click on the ellipses and mark the desired actions in the drop-down list.

Community access

If bookmarks do not show on the left side of the site, this is easy to fix. Click on your avatar at the top of the screen, select “Settings” – “General” – “Customize the display of menu items”.

Displaying the main sections on the site

Put a tick in the right place and save the result.

Show bookmarks on the left side of the screen

Now visiting interesting communities has become convenient and hidden from prying eyes. The disadvantage of this method is that you will not view the updates of these publics in your news.

How to remove information in a group on VK

The procedure for deleting posts on a wall is only possible with the help of the administrator of this group; visitors cannot do anything.

  1. The administrator or the author of the post has the right to delete information in the group through the website.
  2. There are a limited set of community management tools for the mobile client, but there are no restrictions on deleting wall posts. Recovering records is only possible from a PC.
  3. The mobile version of the lightweight website allows you to delete a post without additional confirmation, and selecting in the block at the location of the deleted post allows you to permanently delete the post or restore it.

How to hide communities in a mobile application

The actions are similar to what we did in the full version of the site. Let's go to settings.

Select "Privacy".

VK menu in a mobile phone

Find the item “Who sees the list of my groups”. We choose the appropriate option.

Here you can deny certain people access to information. To leave the public page, go to subscriptions.

List of interesting pages in the mobile application

Let's go into the community. Click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner, select “Notify about new posts” and “Save to bookmarks”. Click on the button below and unsubscribe.

How to leave the community

How to hide a person’s page from your VKontakte subscriptions?

If a user follows the page of a person who has more than 1000 subscribers, this profile will also be displayed in the “Interesting Pages” block along with other public pages. At the same time, you can hide it in the same way as you hide your friends. To do this, you need to go to “Settings” again, select the privacy tab and click on the installed option in the “Who is visible in the list of my friends and subscriptions” column).

In the window that appears, you can quickly find the required page by writing the person’s name in the search column. After that, mark it and click on “Save changes”. Thus, the person will be hidden from the list of interesting pages in the profile.

How to ensure the privacy of the page as a whole

There are 2 options to make your profile hidden from prying eyes:

  1. Restrict access to all information to everyone except friends.
  2. Create a new VK user.

How to close an account from strangers

In the same privacy settings we find the “Profile type” item. If the value is “Open”, then visitors see the page according to the display conditions of each section.

Open access for all users

If you select “Private”, then guests look at a small part of the data, everything else is inaccessible to them.

Account visibility restrictions

The disadvantage of this method is that public pages are hidden only from strangers, but friends can view this section without hindrance.

Create a new account

This may not seem like a very convenient solution, but I know people who only go to a social network this way, not wanting to be in close contact with other users. Their list of friends includes only 5–10 close relatives and comrades.

Is it possible to hide the list of “Interesting Pages” on my VK page?

We figured out how to hide groups from everyone in VK, but there is another type of community. Alas, a list with interesting pages cannot be hidden from other people. He is visible to everyone.

There are only two ways to remove them, namely:

  • Add a person to the blacklist, and then he will not see the pages that interest you;
  • Make your profile private.

Hiding interesting pages through a mobile application

Sequence of actions for the mobile application:

  • go to the required public;
  • in the upper right corner, click on the three dots and check “Notify about posts” and “Save to bookmarks”;
  • Under the public avatar, open the menu and select “Unsubscribe”.

The meaning of the manipulations is similar to the work in the browser version, only the interface is different. The result will be the same. You just need to include the “Bookmarks” item in the left main menu of the site for quick access to subscriptions. This can be done by opening the site on your computer and performing the manipulations described above.

Is it possible to see other people's hidden VKontakte subscriptions?

If a person has hidden his subscriptions to groups, he will not be able to see them. However, there are illegal and unsafe methods for the most curious user. For example, you can use third-party programs and scripts that can cause your account data to leak, as well as infect your computer with viruses.

In addition, you can scroll through the subscribers of groups that the person you are interested in could theoretically be subscribed to. To simplify the task, you can use the search among participants (that’s what it’s called) by simply entering the user name. You can also see who liked the posts of the community - perhaps the person you are looking for will be among these people. This will mean that he can be a participant.

Since it is not difficult to hide subscriptions to groups on VKontakte, you can do this and calmly read news that interests you, without worrying about your subscribers finding out about it.

Other recommendations from the blog author

To subscribe to the community again in the future, you will have to find it manually. You can do this through the “Bookmarks” section - many, by the way, do just that. They add the desired page to their bookmarks, but unsubscribe from it. Even if new notifications do not arrive automatically, you can always find interesting news yourself.


The same thing works in cases where you need to find an outstanding user with a following of 1000 people or more.

Please note that, unlike the method discussed in the first section of this article, the latter is universal. What does it mean? With its help, we can hide information about any public pages, subscriptions, communities, and users. You can hide your preferences either using a personal computer or using a mobile phone.

Today it is the same functionality, only a slightly different arrangement of menu items. And more complex privacy settings can be set using the block, which is called accordingly - “Who is prohibited”.

As you can see, privacy settings can be changed for most situations and done right on your page. Lists of available groups and communities can be hidden from prying eyes or left visible to certain or all categories of users. I hope this information was useful to you.

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On this note, I will have to say goodbye, but do not forget to join the number of subscribers to my blog. Bye!

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