How to add a photo to VK from a computer or phone

How to add a main photo to your profile picture

You want to change your avatar or you don’t have one at all, it doesn’t matter, let’s see how it’s done. We go to our page and at the place where the avatar should be, hover the mouse, click on the link “Upload a new photo”:

At the next stage, click on the “Select file” button to upload it from your computer:

Find the desired photo on your hard drive and click on the “Open” button:

Select the part of the image that will be visible on your page and click on the “Save and Continue” button:

Now select the area that will be displayed on thumbnails in your correspondence or on the wall, in comments, etc. Click on the “Save Changes” button:

That's it, I congratulate you, now you have a new avatar.

Adding photos to VK from a computer

Let's assume that we already have a prepared photo. Let's see how to upload it to contact.

The simplest option. Go to the “My Photos” section and click “Add new photos”.

Windows Explorer will open. Here you will need to find the photo you need, select it, and click the “Open” button.

The photo will be uploaded and you will be presented with the initial editing tool.

What can we do here?

First, fill out the description. This information will be shown just below the photo when you view it.

Next we determine where to store the new photo. You can publish it on a page, or place it in an album (see how to create an album in a VKontakte group). For each of these options, a link or button is provided.

If you select the "Place in Album" option, a drop-down list will appear in which you will need to select the appropriate option.

If you want to use the “Publish to Album” item, a special form will appear. In it you can select an existing album, or create a new one. Privacy settings will also be available for contact users who will view this photo.

When you fill out all the fields, click the “Submit” button.

The easiest option is to immediately click the “Publish on my page” button.

In this case, the photo will go into your album “Photos on my wall”, and will also be published on the wall (see how to return hidden photos on VKontakte).

How to add a photo to an album

We have already discussed the process of creating an album. If you don't know how to do this, follow the link. Now let's look at how photos are added there.

Go to your page and click on the link “My photos”:

Select the album into which we want to insert pictures and click on it:

At the next stage, click on the “Add photos to album” button:

We look for the photo on our hard drive that we want to upload and click on the “Open” button:

If we want, then enter a description and click on the “Save Photos” button:

Uploading a photo to a group you are subscribed to

If you paid attention to the title, you already understand that in order to add an image, you need to join the community or be “Subscribed” to it. The fact that you are a member is indicated by the inscription “Participant” or “You are interested” under the avatar.

  1. To add a photo to your Feed, click on the “Suggest a topic for publication” field.

  1. In the next window, you can type a description in the top field. There is also the opportunity to use backgrounds (1) and stickers (2), as when creating a note on a personal page in Odnoklassniki. Since we are interested in adding a photo, click on the “Add Photo” button.

  1. You can select a photo from those already uploaded to your Odnoklassniki profile. To do this, go to the “My Photos” tab and check the box next to it. Then click the “Done” button.

  1. If the desired image is stored on your computer, then click on the “add photo from computer” button.

  1. Through the Explorer that opens, find the photo, select it and click “Open”.

  1. The next thing you need to do is indicate whether to post a note on your behalf or on behalf of the community. This is only your wish, the last word here remains with the administrator. When everything is ready, click “For moderation”.

In some communities, participants cannot create their own topics, so the fields, as described above, cannot be found. Therefore, let's look at how you can upload an image to one of the albums.

  1. In the small menu under the name of the community, click on the “Photo” item.
  1. Now select the album you want to add something to and click on it.

There is also a small nuance here. If there is a padlock next to the name, then only the administration can add anything to it.

Participants are most often allowed to add images to those albums on which the competition is based, or where they can share something “of their own.” Therefore, we select another from the list.

  1. There will be an “Add” button at the top, click on it.

Now select the desired image on your computer, select it with the mouse and click on the “Open” button.

The photo will be uploaded. Below it you will see a pencil and a field in which you can add a description.

Adding photos to the wall

Directly on the wall, place the mouse cursor on the input field and click on the camera icon in the upper right corner, or click on the “Attach” link and select “Photo” from the drop-down menu:

Uploading photos from your computer:

If we want, then enter the text in front of the photo and click on the “Send” button:

That's it, it's added to the wall.

How to add a photo from your VKontakte phone

We are launching a mobile application for Android VKontakte. Click on the camera icon, which means “My Photos”. Click on the album to which we want to add the image:

In the upper right corner, click on the plus sign:

From the drop-down list, select “Load from gallery”. This means that the photo will be downloaded from your phone's memory. If you select “Take a photo”, then naturally the photo you take now will be loaded into the album:

Well, that’s all, I explained to you the main aspects of uploading photos to the VKontakte social network.

How to upload a photo through the mobile application?

The most convenient way to use VKontakte is from a mobile device through the official application, since its functionality is practically in no way inferior to the computer version.

How to add a photo to the VKontakte wall through the application?

First you need to go to your profile and in the field for adding a new post on the wall, click on the camera icon.

Next, in the gallery, you should select the required photos to upload (you can mark several up to 10 at once), and then click on “Attach”.

After uploading all the photos, you can add text to the post, then click on the checkmark in the upper right corner to add a post.

Once added to the wall it will look like this.

How to add photos to a personal album through the application?

To create a new album and upload photos to it, you need to call the main menu by clicking on the icon with three horizontal stripes in the lower right corner, and then select the “Photos” section.

Here you need to go to the “Albums” section and call up an additional function by clicking on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Next, select “Create Album”.

In the new window, you can set the title and description of the album, as well as select the appropriate privacy settings. To publish an album, you need to click on the checkmark in the upper right corner.

After that you need to go to your new album.

To add a photo, click on “+”.

To start adding photos, you need to select “Upload from Gallery”.


You can also upload a new photo to the album by taking it with your mobile device’s camera.

Having selected the desired pictures from your gallery, click on “Attach”.

After this, the photos will appear in a new album.

How to add a photo to a group album through the application?

In your group or administrated public, you must first go to the “Photos” section.

On the “Albums” tab, you need to call up an additional function by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner.

Here you should select “Create Album”.

Next, you can set a name and description for your album, and also check the appropriate boxes if you want to prohibit adding photos to this album for everyone except administrators and editors, or if you want to prohibit comments on photos in the album. After that, you can click on the checkmark in the upper right corner to add an album.

Next, you need to go to the created album.

To add a new photo, click on “+”.

To upload photos from your device, you need to select the appropriate item.

After the required pictures are selected in the gallery, click on “Attach”.

The uploaded photos will appear in a new album.

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